a) Can I order the Qurbani from anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can order it from anywhere and it is quite easy.b) Which mode of payments can be used? 
Here are the following payment options are available:
• Via Credit Card (Online AlertPay Secured Payment Gateway)
• Western Union / MoneyGram

c) Why is the minimum limit necessary? 
This limit is necessary to match the expenses of delivery to your doorstep or at your provided address in Pakistan.

d) Where will the meat be distributed to? 
will be distributed to the poverty-stricken class of Pakistan, who are in dire need of sustenance.

e) Can my Qurbani meat be donated? 
, your meat can be picked up by the person that you designate for this task. We have three pick-up stations.

f)What if nobody comes to collect my order? 
We will inform you about your Qurbani and wait that day. If nobody comes, then your Qurbani order will be delivered to any organization serving for poor and needy people in Pakistan.

g) ) Do you have the option for Sadqa/Aqiqa? 
After Eid ul Azha, you can visit our website for the option of Aqiqa and Sadqa.

h)If I need to ask something which is not answered here, what should I do?
We can be contacted on our Toll-free number mentioned on our website. For additional queries, you can send us an email at info@pakqurbani.com.pk or fill the contact form.

i) Can credit card be used for Qurbani?
As per Shariah-compliant Qurbani rules, the Qurbani cannot be performed on credit. However, if you make the payment before the performance of your Qurbani, you can use the credit facility.


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