About Us

PakQurbani Launches Online Qurbani Service across the Globe:

PakQurbani.com launches an online qurbani service for Muslims dwelling anywhere in the world.

Qurbani is what every Muslim wishes to perform at the auspicious event of Eid-ul-Adha. However, due to lack of resources people do not get the opportunity to perform and rejuvenate the Sunnah of our Prophets but the inception of Online Qurbani organizations have reduced many of the troubles and now registering for a qurbani animal is just a click away.

PakQurbani is an online organization facilitating Muslims who desire to perform qurbani peacefully this time. The qurbani animal is looked well as to approve of his health and hygiene to the customers seeking ALLAH’s blessings by sacrificing the best animal and slaughtering it the way prescribed by Islamic Shariah.PakQurbani does not compromise on quality as it endeavors at providing its customershealthy meat at affordably low prices. Highly trained professionals are given the work to ensure the qurbani is performed with 100% HALAL method as proven by Shariah.

PakQurbani has provided an opportunity to Muslims seeking way to perform a better qurbani. A simple and quick form will register your name in the list who wish at their animal’s qurbani be done with complete assurance under PakQurbani’s banner. Payment for the sacrificial animal can be made using Credit Card through the PayPAl secured payment gateway.

The meat delivered has a proper packaging design as to make sure it reaches clean and fresh to our customer’s place.At your request it can also be distributed among the poor and destitute beings waiting at organizations that cater their needs at this ceremonious occasion. Furthermore, PakQurbani provides other services as Aqiqa and Sadqa too.With the emergence of such organization as PakQurbani, that is giving 24/7 Customer Care service to the customers, people have started to show their trust more than before in its team.

Those who wish to perform Qurbani using the service can browse the site PakQurbani.com for further details, and book their Qurbani now.

For more information and to book your Qurbani online by visiting Pakqurbani.com,or  you can contact or email: Info@pakqurbani.com or +1-281-201-4601


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