Qurbani is a sacrifice that is offered at the time of Eid-ul-Adha to show gratitude towards Allah and to provide for the poor and needy. Qurbani is a practice commanded by Almighty Allah (Quran 108:2):


‘So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice (animals).’

qThe above mentioned verse signifies that along with praying five times a day to the one and only Allah it is also mandatory if you meet the conditions set by Shariah to sacrifice a domestic animal on Eid-ul-Adha. There is no action dearer to Allah during Eid-ul-Adha than the sacrificing of animals. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart. Hazrat Muhammad [pbuh] explains Qurbani as the Sunnah (practice) of Hazrat Ibrahim [pbuh] and the person who sacrifices is reward for every hair or every fiber of the wool of the sacrificed animal.
When a person slaughters a Qurbani animal, he is forgiven at the fall of the first drop of blood, and verily, the animal shall be brought forward on the Day of judgment with its blood, meat etc, and shall be increased in weight seventy times more than its own weight, and thereafter it will be placed on the scale of deeds. Regarding virtues of Qurbani Allah further mentions in Qur’an 22:37 that

“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.”


charityThus devotion is important during sacrifice. Allah does not require the flesh, blood or meat of the sacrificed animal. It is our intentions that are accounted for when we sacrifice. Thus those who sacrifice should do it with a pure heart, free of malice and with the right intentions. The virtues of Qurbani are not only limited to spiritual benefits but physical benefits are also there. The organ of the sacrificed animal that you eat strengthens your own organs. Personal experience tells us that meat from the sacrificed animal is much healthier than the meat eaten on any ordinary day. You receive the blessings of the poor and needy when you distribute their share of the meat. While distribution among family and friends increases your bond towards them.
Pak Qurbani Provided this article to spread Islamic knowledge about Qurbani.


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